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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  October 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a community coming together in memory of a than a week ago during a robbery . hello everybody and thanks for joining us. >> we're joined live from cleveland heights. that teenagers family was there as well. >> reporter: that is right. they tell us they are trying hard to move on with life, but it is certainly a struggle. 15-year-old was fatally shot in the head here at this restaurant in cleveland heights. as much pain as the family is in now over his death, they say
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that come from events like what happened at the nearby park today.>> we are so grateful, thank you to the community. we are feeling very good right now. this means a lot to us. >> reporter: so much love, so much support. his aunt and uncle tell us they are overwhelmed by it all. today on this sunny sunday, they were uplifted by those emotions once again. dozens of families strangers gathered here for a prayer vigil for the 15-year- old. it was organized by interfaith leaders in the heights community . together they expressed a their sorrow through prayer, scripture and song, and stood in solidarity for sunny's family . it was friday, october 14 when this man fatally shot sonny
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night. a 20-year-old cleveland heights 's resident shot him while he robbed the restaurant. the pastor helped to organize today's event. >> we hate this kind of violence. we wish that this type of visual never -- vigil never has to happen again. we stand as one with the family, and we support them, and we will be there for them anyway we possibly can. >> the suspect who was charged is accused of committing another robbery the night after police say he shot sonny here at this mister hero restaurant. that robbery happened in university heights. we just checked with cleveland police and still no arrest in the latest homicide. this one happening at east 135th last night.
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victim. he later died at university hospital. witnesses say they saw several men drive from the scene. investigators are also busy with another homicide in the city, this after a man's body was discovered near the ?? cleveland metroparks zoo. someone walking by found the man underneath the west wing 5th street bridge saturday afternoon . investigators tell us it is not connected to the do -- to the zoo in any way . a deadly collision between a tour bus and a truck on california highway. at least 13 people that death toll could rise. 31 others were rushed to the hospital. the force of that collision is plain to see in this mangled wreckage. firefighters had to use heavy machinery to free those victims . california highway patrol says the bus was going significantly faster than that truck. >> the speed of the bus was so significant that when it hit the back of the big rig, the trailer, the trailer it self
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bus. >> reporter: the interstate was shut down for hours. the bus rider was returning from a trip to the casino. let's take a look at our tower cam. the sun looks great over the city. it was so nice to see it today and so nice to see those temperatures rebound. >> kind of a tale of 2 weather stories. it was so chilly, cloudy and gloomy on saturday and then your sunday really turned around. temperatures are significantly warmer. many of the team to 20 degrees in comparison to yesterday at this time -- 10 to 20 degrees in comparison to yesterday at this time. 67 mansfield. cleveland, your high was 68. you are still right there. it is a little cooler and ashtabula at 61. as we do find clouds moving on
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sunshine in cleveland. akron, your high level clouds are ahead of a front that will soon mean rain chances as early as tonight. right now the front to the north is causing some rain, but is -- it is that cold front double be a major difference in your forecast. i will break down the timing and show you what it means for tonight we are quiet and comfortable. 1908 and 1948, the last time that the cubs or the indians were world series champs. >> but we know end. we have more on the historic matchup. >> 2 teams have waited so long to get the chance to be on the gold stage like this. it is pretty cool. >> reporter: cleveland indians versus the chicago cubs. it will be a world series for the ages. these 2 teams have waited the longest in mlb history to break their world series title curse. fans a say the feeling is a real just yet. >> it is like on monday, it
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of fans know the magnitude of this matchup. >> it is kind of scary because they might lose. that would be really bad, but if they win that will be really good. >> reporter: the last time our tribes held the series was in 1997 when they lost to the marlins. fan say this year is special, something they have never seen before.>> this is on a totally different level. >> reporter: patty sullivan, teacher and lakewood, the lucky fans will be at tuesday's game. >> i am beyond thrilled. >> reporter: she says she remembers watching the 97 game from outside the fence. to share, to be inside -- this is the best . >> reporter: i asked fans to give the team some advice headed into the series. >> keep your spirits up because you guys can do it. you are so much of a team. >> does do exactly what you have done all year.
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exactly what you have done all year . you have been fabulous and our faith is behind you. >>the advice, just win. we just checked on ticket races for game one and they are now going for $800. one seed in the diamond box will set you back 14,000 one seed in the diamond box will set you back $14,400. still ahead: it is lights out for a popular long -- lounge with a long history of problems . abc news election tracking poll. we are breaking down the numbers and looking at what it means for both presidential candidates headed into the final stretch of the campaign. donald trump statue hits the auction block and sells well be on the estimate. how much someone paid when news
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a big boost for hillary clinton in the race for the right house. it shows she is getting a bump heading into the final days of the campaign, and donald trump is facing challenging numbers tonight. mary bruce is in washington with more. >> reporter: hillary clinton took her message to church sunday. >> i won't tell you who to vote for. >> reporter: the democratic nominee looking confident with
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in a new poll taken after the final debate, it shows why. she is now ahead by double digits, up 12 point over rival donald trump. >> my opponent thinks belittling women makes him bigger. that may be who donald trump is, but this election is about who we are, and what we believe. >> reporter: sunday she targeted the battleground state of north carolina or she will make her first joint campaign appearance with first lady michelle obama later meanwhile, donald trump is focusing on florida, but still fighting those accusations of sexual misconduct. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: as he pledges to take all of his accusers to court, a new woman has come forward. jessica says donald trump kissed her and 2 other women without their consent 10 years ago. abc news is unable to confirm her allegations, but
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others is untrue and say it is donald trump's right to sue the women. >> he is trying to defend himself against false users. he says those incidents never happened but yet they are covered in the media everything will day. >> reporter: that new poll shows 69 percent of voters don't like the way he is handling the accusations of sexual assault. and 59 percent don't believe his claim that the vote is rigged. new hoping to get your hands on that naked donald trump statue that showed up in cleveland heights earlier this year, get ready to pay up. the 7 foot tall statue which appeared in several cities across the country is a part of an art exhibit called the emperor has no close. the one in los angeles just sold an auction for $22,000. the cleveland naked trump hits the auction block on wednesday if you're interested. coming up next: the search
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robbers. what investigators say the pair did before the heist. after what was a beautiful fall sunday, rainfall, cold, wind, it is all coming back. we are 6 hours away from some more what weather. we will see how long it stays
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internet interruption. hackers are back at it. it is being called an epic cyber attack. people experience disrupted services as hackers were determined to jam popular websites. many of the sites are back up and running. issues are still being reported by users. so far no group has taken responsibility for those attacks . the white house says it is looking into it. >> us government agency that is responsible for monitoring our security and cyberspace and correlating with the public and
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monitoring the situation. >> wikileaks, the site responsible for exposing some hillary clinton's emails said it is attempting to distance itself from the attack. back at home it was nice to see the sun. >> it really was. the clouds are moving in. i know it sounds like a negative but it makes for a beautiful sunset. take a look at this picture. the sunset is getting earlier in earlier. this is a nice sunset from that variation coming through the clouds. the clouds are showing you we have changes in the forecast. here in wooster it is not going to be here until the overnight. i think maybe 3 or 4 am. 65 your current temperature. it is feeling wonderful if you want to take a look at some of that fall foliage for the last few hours. maybe about an hour before you lose the sunlight. we do have
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your winds will be back for the blustery forecast. 64 downtown. eastside you are feeling comfortable but a little cooler. ashtabula 61. 65 orwell. 63 madison. heading south, 64 akron. 67 mohican state park. 65 ashland. 67 sandusky. 65 illyria above average. typical high should be about 60 degrees this time of year. today we reach the high in cleveland of 68 here 60 67 for akron and canton. it is a beautiful day, but as we are noticing the clouds are moving in and it will soon be rainfall. you can see this is pushing further to the lake communities -- but this is about 1:00 --
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show you where the rainfall is, how much you can expect closer to home, but it does push further south and shifts eastward as we move toward the morning hours. you may see light rainfall through the morning commute. through the afternoon we are dry. you will see sunshine here as well, but the warmth and close to 70 degrees temperatures are gone. 54 your high in cleveland. 52 in akron. this particular rain shot is into impressive. to 100s the biggest change will be temperatures. if you're making monday a nice pumpkin day or you're headed out to get yum be -- yummy apples , morning 40s with a small rain chance. the afternoon will be cool and breezy at 52. you may want to hold off until we start to see the weather rebound a little bit. it is going to take us a while. monday and tuesday we're chilly and dry in the 50s. we are little warmer for
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like expecting to be close to 60 degrees and really sing those rain chances pick up and stay here through the weekend. we will talk more about the rest of your power 5 day sun cast coming up -- forecast coming up but for now let's talk sports. [ video playback ] >> in the meantime the browns players -- prayers keep going unanswered. there downward trend continues and so did this one, another injury to a starting quarterback. near -- dear football gods, can you please bless this mess.
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because of a concussion. hugh jackson with his disappointment with all the quarterbacks being injured. >> it is disappointing. it is a tough sport. trying to make plays, battling as hard as you can, these quarterbacks only have so many hits in their body. pretty soon guys don't get up is happening. it is unfortunate because it has been happening way too much. on we go. >> the browns had to turn to hogan was promoted to the practice squad 12 days ago. he made things happen in his super bowl tranix nfl debut. -- nfl debut. bangle sealed the deal with they're very next possession.
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he is gone. bangles and the browns lost. cincinnati beats cleveland 31? 17. here's hogan on his nfl debut. >> i felt very comfortable out there. i felt good in the huddle leading the guys, getting to the right place. there are always some plays that you look back, if there is nothing downfield i felt comfortable with my legs i could get a first down it was nice for us to interrupt some of those run plays and have a payoff during the game today. the browns will get there chance next week. it has been home sweet home for the tribes this season, one of the best teams in all of baseball. in the postseason they were unbeaten at progressive field with they're only loss coming in toronto. cleveland, the set of the world series opener with a will match up with the team with the best
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million -- familiar to what the cavs faced . >> i think they are really good . i guess i kept hoping that they would keep playing extra innings and all kinds of stuff, but that didn't happen. they are obviously built for october. >> doing the right things is what we have to do. we have simulated games that we are still working on. we're doing stuff to keep us fresh week has given us time to get some rest. >> the indians play a simulated game tonight. they will have rested 6 days before game one of the world series. kruger will start game one -- kluger will start game one. we are back after the break with a final look at the
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lakewood police need your help tracking down 2 men they believe robbed a bank on saturday morning. >> it happened at 5th 3rd on west 117th. investigators believe the robbers actually case the bank before the heist and then came back saturday with the gun that could possibly be a toy gun. the 2nd guy was wearing gray sweats anyone with information should call police immediately. the doors of a popular night club has been closed for good. a judge ruled the h2o lounge after a series of crimes including a deadly shooting last week and. court documents reveal they did not have a validating operating license from the liquor board since last month.
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welcome to "world news tonight." we're following a mass casualty event on an american highway. the tour bus ramming into a semi truck. at least 13 killed, dozens hurt. the highway shut down for hours. investigators now on the scene. fight to the finish. donald trump, losing ground in the po acknowledging he's falling behind. all-out assault. the new offensive against isis, backed by u.s.-led air strikes. the fight to liberate the terror group's biggest stronghold in iraq. martha raddatz in the region tonight. dangerous ride. >> shots fired! >> a police officer taking a civilian on a ridealong when a


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